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Use Rotessa to process ACH and EFT Payments!

In order to connect your ChargeOver account to the Rotessa payment gateway, you will need your API Key from Rotessa. To obtain your API Key, login to your Rotessa account.

Steps to Connect

In Rotessa

  1. Go to the Admin tab and choose "API Keys" from the dropdown menu

  1. If you do not have an API key already generated, click Create New API Key

Your API key is created. Copy your new key and head over ChargeOver.

In ChargeOver

  1. Go to your Settings and select Payment Processing
  1. Select Add or Configure a Payment Method or Merchant Account

  1. Select Rotessa from the list of payment gateways
  1. Enter the API Key that you generated in your Rotessa account into the payment method configuration in ChargeOver

  1. Click Save Settings when finished

You can now accept ACH/ EFT payments in ChargeOver through the Rotessa payment gateway!


Rotessa does NOT support refunds!