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Network Merchants (NMI)



Network Merchants or NMI for short, can be used as a payment processor with ChargeOver, who allows you to accept credit cards and ACH or electronic checks. According to their website, NMI "can process payments, manage transactions and generate reports on all payment processing activity from a single account."

How to Connect

Steps to connect NMI and ChargeOver together are below!

In ChargeOver

  1. Go to your Settings and select Payment Processing
  2. Then select Add or Configure a Payment Method or Merchant Account
  3. Choose NMI / Network Merchants from the choices
  4. Enter in your NMI Username and Password
  5. Scroll to the next section and designate which payment types you accept (Visa, Mastercard, ACH, etc.)
  6. Click Save Settings when finished

Common Questions

Does the integration between NMI and ChargeOver support…

FeatureSupported? ✅
Dynamic Statement Descriptors
Tokenized Payments
Credit Card Payments
ACH (USA) Payments
EFT (CAD) Payments✖️
ACH (AUS) Payments✖️
Credit Card Refunds
ACH Refunds

Can NMI send multiple ACH payments into a single settlement batch?

✅ Yes, NMI does this automatically!

Can NMI report ACH payment status' to ChargeOver?

✅ Yes!

Does NMI support same-day refunds for credit cards?

✅ Yes!

Supported Currency

ChargeOver accepts this currency with NMI.

  • USD

Supported Merchant Country

This is based on where your business is located.

United States.

Dynamic Statement Descriptors

Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on your customers bank statements. Using clear and accurate statement descriptors can reduce chargebacks and disputes.

If you want your customers bank statements to reflect your invoice number or the name of the product purchased, you can use merge tags to push this information to their bank statements.


You need to enable dynamic descriptors with NMI before you can configure them in ChargeOver. Contact NMI and ask them to enable dynamic descriptor support first!

In ChargeOver, set the dynamic descriptor format:

These merge tags are available for use:

Merge tagDescription
{{invoice.refnumber}}The invoice number being paid for
{{}}The customer name
{{line.item_name}}The product name of the first invoice line item
{{line.descrip}}The description of the first invoice line item

Common Decline Messages

If you are unsure what a NMI decline message means or what to do next, the most common error messages you might encounter are explained below.

Error MessageWhat NMI is Trying to Tell YouNext Steps
ERR_DECLINENMI told ChargeOver the payment was declined.You or the customer should contact NMI to discuss the reason for the decline.
ERR_CREDENTIALSNMI told ChargeOver that your authentication credentials for Forte are incorrect.You should contact NMI and fix the credentials you use to connect to them.
ERR_EXPIREDNMI told ChargeOver the credit card has expired.You should contact the customer and ask them to provide a new payment method.
ERR_CVVNMI told ChargeOver the credit card was declined due to an incorrect CVV/CVC security code.Your customer should provide a correct CVV/CVC security code, or provide a new payment method.

NMI Support

If you need to contact NMI’s support team, you can use the information below.

Support Website

Support Form

Phone Number - 1-800-617-4850