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Nuvei (formerly GlobalOnePay), states that from day one, they support "a la carte offering, transparent rates, global teams with round-the-clock service and 24/7/365 transaction monitoring and support!" ChargeOver supports connecting to Nuvei to process your credit card payments.

How to Connect

Steps to connect Nuvei and ChargeOver together are below!

In Nuvei

To connect your Nuvei account to ChargeOver you'll need to obtain the Terminal ID and the Secret from your Nuvei account first.

  1. Login into Nuvei and find the Terminal ID by looking in the top left corner of your screen when you log in

  1. You can find the Secret by going to Settings then Terminal. Scroll down to the "Secret" box

Once you have these two pieces of information from Nuvei, you can log into your ChargeOver account to get the two systems connected!

In ChargeOver

  1. Go to your Settings and select Payment Processing

  2. Then select Add or Configure a Payment Method or Merchant Account

  3. Choose Nuvei from the list

  4. Paste the Terminal ID and the Secret into their respective places

  5. Once you're done entering the credentials, make sure to select which payment methods you would like to process through Nuvei

  6. Save your changes

Supported Currencies

ChargeOver accepts these currencies with Nuvei.

CAD and USD.

Supported Merchants Countries

These are based on where your business is located.

Canada and United States.

Common Decline Messages

If you are unsure what a Nuvei decline message means or what to do next, the most common error messages you might encounter are explained below.

Error MessageWhat Nuvei is Trying to Tell YouNext Steps
ERR_DECLINENuvei told ChargeOver the payment was declined.You or the customer should contactNuvei to discuss the reason for the decline.
ERR_CREDENTIALSNuvei told ChargeOver that your authentication credentials for Forte are incorrect.You should contact Nuvei and fix the credentials you use to connect to them.
ERR_EXPIREDNuvei told ChargeOver the credit card has expired.You should contact the customer and ask them to provide a new payment method.
ERR_CVVNuvei told ChargeOver the credit card was declined due to an incorrect CVV/CVC security code.Your customer should provide a correct CVV/CVC security code, or provide a new payment method.

Nuvei Support

If you need to contact Nuvei’s support team, you can use the information below.

Support Website

Nuvei has a support form you can fill out!

Phone Number - 1-833-216-0128