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BPoint allows you to accept Credit Card payments with Chargeover.

Getting connected to BPoint for accepting credit card payments is easy! Follow the steps below to connect ChargeOver and BPoint to start collecting payments.

Steps to Connect

First, we'll start by logging into your BPoint account at this URL.

In BPoint

  1. Go to the "Admin" tab in the top bar of your screen
  2. Go to Add New User

  1. Fill out the required details here and make sure to choose the "API" option for Permissions

  1. Click the Create User button at the bottom

    • This will send you an email to the address you put in here with a "Temporary Password"
    • This is just the password that you will use for the API. (You'll use this password when we go to ChargeOver, feel free to "Copy" it to your clipboard)

Now login to your ChargeOver account.

In ChargeOver

  1. Go to your Settings and select Payment Processing
  2. Select Add or Configure a Payment Method or Merchant Account
  3. Select BPoint from the list

  1. Paste that "Temporary Password" into the "BPoint Password" field here

  1. Enter the Username for the new user you created in the "BPoint Username" field
  2. The BPoint Merchant Number is the same number you used to log into BPoint at the beginning
  3. Click Save

You can now accept Credit Card payments with BPoint using ChargeOver!

Keep in Mind

  • If you're wanting to use a test credit card to test the gateway, the amounts you enter in will need to be entered as whole dollars, otherwise it will return an error
  • We do support pre-generated Tokens for BPoint