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Contacts in ChargeOver are necessary to begin to bill your clients. Learn more about them here!

Add a New Contact

Your business is growing, fantastic! Here is how to add a new contact to your account.

  1. Find the customer in ChargeOver that you want to add the contact for, and click to get to the customer details
  1. Choose the Contacts tab for the customer
  1. Click the blue New Contact button

  1. This will allow you to fill in the details and create the new contact
  1. Save Changes when everything is filled in

Set a Primary Contact

Simply select the checkbox under "Primary Contact" that says "Make this contact the primary contact for this customer."

Whoever you set as the Primary Contact for a customer will be the person who receives invoices and notifications.

This also goes for any Contact that you choose to set their "Type" to "Billing."

Delete a Contact

You can only delete a contact in ChargeOver if they are not set as the primary contact for a customer. If the contact you wish to delete is the primary contact, you must first set one of the other contacts as the primary contact for the customer.


  1. Find the customer in ChargeOver that the contact is listed under, and click to get to the customer details
  1. Choose the Contacts tab for the customer

  1. When you click "View or edit this contact", and then select the Edit Contact tab.
  1. Click the red box in the corner that says "Delete Contact"


If you do not see the Delete Contact button, make sure to check that the contact is not assigned as a primary contact for the customer.

Editing Contacts

Each customer in ChargeOver can have one or more Contacts. The Contact holds the person's name, email address, phone number, and more.


  1. Find the customer associated with the contact you're wanting to update
  1. Click the Contacts tab

  1. You will see a list of all existing contacts. Click View or edit this contact to make any changes

  1. Click the Edit Contact tab to change the contact's details

Multiple Billing Contacts

You can have multiple contacts set to receive invoices or payment receipts. ChargeOver will send invoices and emailed receipts to all contacts that have their Contact Type set to Billing.

Set Contact as Billable

  1. Click on Customers in the left menu

  1. From the list of customers, choose your customer and click on Contacts. Then click New Contact

  1. Add in the contacts email
  1. Set Billing for the Contact Type
  • Contacts who have a Contact Type of Billing will automatically receive invoices or receipts

Remember to enter in an email for the new customer! Otherwise they will not receive notices about their invoices and other notifications about their account.

Emails Not Sending to Contacts

Wondering why there are no emails getting sent to your customers contacts email addresses?

A lot of times you can make a simple mistake when making a contact and place the email in the wrong slot.

Make sure that the email address for any contact is added into the correct slot and not the phone number slot.

Correct Email Slot

Incorrect Email Slot

If you are still having issues with emails being sent, we strongly recommend setting up DKIM. Contact us and we can help you set up DKIM.