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Upcoming Invoice Notifications


Upcoming invoice notifications can now be automated so that you can let your customers know about invoices that will be created soon.

Enable Upcoming Invoice Notifications

  1. Go to Settings then Add-Ons then More Add-Ons

  2. Search for "Upcoming Invoice Notifications" and click the Get Started button

  3. Set "Enable Upcoming Invoice Notifications?" to "Yes" and click Save


Special things about this add on are detailed out below.

  1. Send a notification to the customer before the invoice has been created

  2. Allow notifications to be sent for some payment cycles, but not others

  • Example: 30 days in advance for yearly, 15 days in advance for quarterly, and no notifications for monthly invoices
  • You can set up one notification cycle for each payment cycle option we have available
  • The max amount of days you can send an email before an invoice is generated is 60

  1. Use merge tags from customers and subscriptions to customize an email template
  • You will then be able to preview the email before it is sent out

At the time of sending the notification, the invoice itself does not exist yet, so you won't be able to use invoice merge tags.