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Parent and Child Customers

Enable Parent-Child Relationships

  1. Go to Settings then Add-Ons and More Add-Ons
  2. Find Parent/Child Relationships and click Get Started
  3. Set "Enable Parent/Child Customers?" to "Yes"

Create a Parent-Child Relationship

To create a parent/child relationship between ChargeOver customers, create the parent customer first. Once the parent customer has been created, you can create the child customer.

  1. Go to your Customers and click the New Customer button
  2. Under the Customer/Company Name field, you will see a drop down menu that asks "Is your new customer a child of another customer?"
  3. Select the parent customer from the dropdown menu

  1. Fill in the parent customer's information and Create Customer

When you view the newly created child customer, you will see that the parent customer is also linked to in the Company field.

You will also be able to see the parent-child relationship between the two customers when viewing all of your customers from the your Customers tab.

Enable Child Customer Access to Parent Payment Methods

  1. First, you'll want to make sure you have the proper settings enabled. Go to your Settings, then click Add-Ons and find [Parent/Child Option]
  2. Next, you'll want to enable the setting Let child customers use parents payment methods on subscriptions

  • You can also enable a setting that will include any contacts associated with the child customer when emailing any automated receipts.
  • Once you've got that enabled, your children customer's subscriptions can now use the parent's payment method.

Remove a Child from a Parent Customer

  1. Go into the parents account
  2. Click into the tab Children

  1. Click into the name of the child you want to remove
  2. Click the three vertical dots and select Disconnect from Parent


You cannot disconnect a child customer from a parent if the parent customer has made payments on behalf of the child customer.

Combined Billing

Scenario 1

One customer, two subscriptions

If both subscriptions have the same payment method, and invoice on the same date, ChargeOver makes one payment for the combined amount of both invoices.

If the payment methods are different or the date of the invoice is different, then ChargeOver will generate two separate charges.

Scenario 2

One parent, two child customers

If both subscriptions have the same payment method, invoice on the same date and have enabled "Let child customers use parents methods on subscriptions" ChargeOver makes one payment for the combined amount of both invoices

To enable this, make sure all of these are set to Yes

If anything is different on the subscription, this results in two separate charges.

After "Let child customers use parents..." is enabled, go to the child subscription. Under Payment Methods you will see the parents payment method as an option to use.

Scenario 3

One parent, two child customers, and You you want the child invoices to be shown on the parent invoice

This is similar to Scenario 2, except that when you look at the parent invoice, the child invoices are rolled up into the parent invoice. This is possible, but requires a little work on our end to make it happen.

Please contact us and we will reach out with next steps!

How to Change the Parent of a Child to a Different One

Sometimes you may want to change the parent customer of a child from one parent, to another parent.

  1. Disconnect the parent from the child customer

  2. Connect the child to the new parent

Parents Can View and Select Child Invoices Separately

When looking at a parent customers invoices, there will be a box available to check off called “show child invoices.”

When the box is checked, it shows the child invoices separate from the parents invoices.


The “show child invoices” box is NOT checked by default.

Parents Can View Child Subscriptions Separately

Parent customers can now select the box “show child subscriptions” to view their child's subscriptions separate from their own.

Keep in Mind

  • The tiny parent/child icon indicates that a customer is a child customer

Common Questions

Will My Customer Relationships Sync to Quickbooks?

If you are using the Quickbooks integration, parent-child customer relationships WILL sync from ChargeOver to Quickbooks. You will see the same relationship between the customers marked in Quickbooks as they are marked in ChargeOver.

In Quickbooks Desktop, the parent customer will sync over as a "Customer" and children customers will sync over as "Jobs" - The relationship is maintained between platforms, so you don't have to link the two together or anything like that.

Will My Customer Relationships Sync to Xero?

We do not support syncing parent-child relationships to Xero right now. The parent customer and child customer will sync to Xero as two unrelated, separate customers.

Can a Parent Customer Pay for a Child Customer's Invoices?

Yes, but with some limitations. The parent customer will not be able to make the payment themselves via our hosted payment pages. You will have to make the payment on their behalf.

Please note that you must enable the ability for a parent customer to pay for their children. Then the child can use the parents payment method whenever!

You can find this setting by going to Features & Add-Ons then Parent/Child Customers. Then set "Let parent customers pay for children" to "Yes."

We will send the payment receipt email to the customer to which the payment method belongs. So if you're using a parent payment method for children's invoices, the parent will receive the receipts.

  • When looking at a child transaction , you can use this link to get back the parent transaction.

  • A parent transaction will link to any child transactions

Can a Child Customer Pay for a Parent Customer's Invoices?

No, child customers can not pay for parent customers' invoices.

Can Child Customer Still Pay Their Own Invoices and Have Their Own Subscriptions?

Yes. Child customers can still pay their own invoices, can still have their own subscriptions, can still be scheduled for automatic payments, can still log in to the customer portal, etc., as normal. You can also create one-time invoices and one-time payments for child customers as normal.

Can a Parent Customer Still Have Their Own Invoices and Their Own Subscriptions?

Yes. Parent customers can still pay their own invoices, can still have their own subscriptions, can still be scheduled for automatic payments, can still log in to the customer portal, etc., as normal. You can also create one-time invoices and one-time payments for parent customers as normal.