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Campaigns and Leads

ChargeOver can track a campaign or lead source, along with details about that campaign or lead source, for each customer.

Setting Up Campaigns or Lead Sources

  1. Head over to your Settings options and select Add-Ons from the left menu
  2. Then select More Add-Ons
  3. From the list of Add-Ons, find Campaigns and Leads
  4. You can add as many campaigns or lead sources as you would like by clicking the New Campaign or Lead Source button
  • Each customer can be attached to one campaign or lead source


When you create a new customer, you'll have the option to assign a campaign or lead source to that customer.

You can also optionally enter any additional details about the lead source or campaign.

Campaign or Lead Source Reporting

Once you add at least one campaign or lead source, you'll be able to access some additional reporting for campaign or lead source related activities. Go to the Report Center to view these reports.