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Dunning (Legacy)

Dunning is the process of automated follow-ups for late/overdue/declined payments.

Enable Dunning

⚠️ Since this is a legacy implementation of our dunning settings, you're not allowed to enable it manually. Please see our new Dunning and Reminders

  1. Go to your Settings and select Add-Ons then More Add-Ons from the left side menu

  2. Once you've located the "Dunning & Reminders" option, select Get Started

  1. To enable Dunning & Reminders, you will want to choose Yes from the drop down menu below "Retry failed payments and resend invoices?" and select Save

Once you enable those settings, more dunning & reminder options will be revealed.

Dunning Options

Retry Failed X Payments

This controls whether or not ChargeOver will automatically retry declined charges or debits. Credit cards may be declined for a number of reasons (credit card has exceeded the customer's account limit, the card has been lost/stolen, the card is temporarily disabled due to a fraud alert, etc.). ACH/eCheck accounts may be declined due to similar reasons. We recommend you enable this so that cards/ACH accounts are automatically retried.

Start Retrying the Payment this Many Days After the Invoice Due Date

This controls how soon ChargeOver starts retrying payments. If you set this to 3, then 3 days after the invoice is due, ChargeOver will start to retry failed payments. Consider giving the customer a few days here, so as not to irk customers who don't check their email every day or may need a day or two to follow-up regarding the initial declined payment.

Reattempt Failed X Payments Every this Many Days

This controls how often ChargeOver retries the payment. There are certain industry regulations that prohibit retrying a customer's failed Credit Card payment less than every 5 days and prohibit retrying a customer's failed ACH payment less than every 7.

Retry the Payment a Maximum of this Many Times

This controls the maximum number of times ChargeOver will retry a payment.


Payments will only be retried for subscription based invoices. One-time invoices will be re-sent to the customer, but not recharged, if an initial payment fails.

Exclude a Specific Customer from Dunning

Dunning is the process of automated follow-ups for late or overdue payments.

There may be times when you don’t want to send a specific customer automated follow ups.

For example, you may have a customer that is very sensitive to late payment notifications, so for that one particular customer you may want to exclude them from dunning notices, and handle it manually instead.


  1. Find the customer in ChargeOver that you want to exclude from dunning notices
  2. Click on the Edit tab and select "More advanced options"

  1. Check off the Customer is Exempt from Dunning checkbox
  2. Make sure to save your changes by selecting Update Customer

  1. Save your changes

Notify Customers of Expired Credit Cards

ChargeOver can automatically send customers a notice when a credit card is about to expire, or has expired recently.


  1. Settings then click on Add-Ons and then click Dunning and Reminders
  • To send people a notice 30-days in advance of a card expiring, choose YES for the option, "Automatically email customers when an in-use credit card will expire soon?"
  • To send people a notice the day after a card has expired, choose YES for the option, "Automatically email customers when an in-use credit card has expired?"

  1. Save Settings