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Failed Payments Report

The Failed Payments report shows payments that were declined or otherwise failed. You can use this report to keep track of and resolve any missed payments by your customers.

The Failed Payments report is useful as a workflow to resolve situations like expired credit cards, customers with declined payments, etc.

Available Columns

  • Date the payment failed
  • Customer name
  • Payment method
  • Last four of credit card or ACH account
  • Amount of payment
  • Message - shows the error message ChargeOver created
  • Invoices - which invoices are associated with the failed payment

You can filter this report by payment date.

And if you want to try a payment again or enter a new payment method for a customer, you can click the [Resolve...] button on the far left column.

The Date column shows the date the payment was attempted. As you collect payments against the open invoices, rows will automatically "fall off" this report and disappear.

What Your Report Might Look Like

You might also want to look at enabling ChargeOver's automated credit card retries and late payment notification emails if you haven't already.