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Import, manage, and ship your ChargeOver orders with ShipStation, a fast and simple web-based shipping software.

  • In ChargeOver, you choose which products to ship through ShipStation
  • Shippable invoices will be automatically exported to ShipStation
  • Order details are pushed to ShipStation automatically, including:
    • Invoice details: invoice #, invoice date, shipping address, sales tax, discounts, payment method, and more
    • Per-line details: product SKUs, names, quantities, price, and more
  • When you ship the order, the carrier, tracking number, and other information displays in ChargeOver automatically

Getting Connected

Getting connected to ShipStation is a two-part process. You'll enable the ShipStation integration within ChargeOver, and then you'll configure ShipStation to talk to ChargeOver.

In ChargeOver

In ChargeOver, enable the integration:

  1. Click the ChargeOver configuration gear/cog in the top right of the page
  2. From the left navigation menu, choose Integrations, and search for ShipStation
  3. Click the Get Started button
  4. You will be shown the Store URL, Username and Password that you'll need in the next step

In ShipStation

In ShipStation, connect a Custom Store:

  1. From Store Setup, choose the Connect a Store button
  2. Search for Custom Store
  3. On the Custom Store configuration pop-up, copy and paste the values from ChargeOver
  4. You can leave the Awaiting Payment Status, Awaiting Shipment Statuses, etc. boxes with their default values
  5. Click the Connect button at the bottom to get continue
  6. ShipStation will automatically import orders from ChargeOver (don't forget to mark your products as shippable)

Set Shippable Products

You need to tell ChargeOver which products are shippable.

Only invoices with shippable products will be exported to ShipStation.

  1. In ChargeOver, choose Products from the left navigation menu
  2. Click the name of the product you want to ship via ShipStation
  3. Choose the Edit tab for the product
  4. From the Shipped via ShipStation? dropdown menu, choose Shipped via ShipStation
  5. Repeat this for each product you want to ship via ShipStation
  6. That's it! ShipStation will automatically import orders from ChargeOver for anything shippable

Manually Importing Orders

ShipStation will automatically import orders from ChargeOver. ShipStation controls the frequency at which it imports data from ChargeOver.

If you need to, you can also trigger an immediate import of orders from ChargeOver by using the Update All Stores option.

  1. Within ShipStation, click the small circular arrow button in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the Update All Stores link
  3. ShipStation will immediately retrieve any orders available to ship from ChargeOver

Carrier, Service, and Tracking Numbers

ShipStation will automatically notify ChargeOver of shipped orders. Within ChargeOver, you are able to view the shipment details on the invoice.