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A/R Aging Summary Report

The Accounts Receivable Aging Summary report lists unpaid customer invoices by date ranges. It is useful to determine which customers currently have a balance.

The 1-30 column contains invoices that are thirty days old or less, the next column contains invoices that are 31-60 days old, the column after that contains invoices that are 61-90 days old, and the final column contains all invoices that are over ninety days old.

What is the Actions Button?

Click the Actions button to mark unpaid invoices for collections. This gives all the unpaid invoices associated with that customer a LABEL which says “collections.” It does not automatically send those invoices to collections.

Available Columns

  • Customer name
  • “Current” - the balance that has been invoiced but not due yet
  • Amount overdue between 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days & greater than 90 days

What Your Report Might Look Like