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MRR Audit Log report

ChargeOver offers a report that shows a history of any and all changes that have changed regarding your MRR report

Why this would be helpful

If someone directly or indirectly messes up the total of your MRR report, you can see what was changed and when.

USE CASE example:
  • User Brandy writes down the MRR amount for April as $1000 MRR
  • But user Jeff then goes and voids an invoice in April, which changes the April MRR amount to $800 MRR
  • 2 days later, Brandy goes back and looks at the report and is confused and frustrated to see his MRR has changed.
  • Unfortunately, he has no easy way to look at an audit report to see what change to which invoice has affected MRR recently.

This is where the MRR Audit Log comes in, because it fixes Brandy's problem and allows him to view all changes made to the MRR report since the beginning of time.

Where can I find the MRR Audit Log report?

  1. Go to the Report Center
  1. Click into either the Monthly Recurring Revenue Summary or Monthly Recurring Revenue Drilldown
  1. Select Audit Changes

  1. You found the report!