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Email Log Report

The Email Log report is a great way to view what emails have been sent from your ChargeOver account. You can use this report to see a complete list of emails sent, view the individual emails, view the date and time the email was sent, and even check the status!

To find the Email Log, head over to your Report Center and you'll find the Email Log in the Logs section.

Available Columns

  • To
  • From
  • Subject - of the email
  • Sent - time and date sent
  • Sent By
  • Attachments
  • View
  • Status

More On the Sent By Column

If the email was sent via an automated process, this section will be blank. If the email was manually sent, this space will display the name of the admin user who initiated the email.

More On the Status Column

  • Sent: Indicates the email was sent successfully
  • Error: If for some reason, ChargeOver was unable to successfully send the email, it will show an error. Some of the most common errors are missing subject line, missing "To:" or "From:" address. If you have a question on why an email did not send, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Pending: ChargeOver is currently in process of sending the email and will update the status once the email has been sent.

Viewing Emails in the Email Log

One of the great features in the Email Log is the View function. This allows you to individually view each email sent and see exactly what the content of the email sent. Clicking View will display the email & its contents, exactly how your customer would see it.

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