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Test Payment Methods

If you are using the Test Payment Gateway provided by ChargeOver, then you can use these test credit card numbers to test specific scenarios.


If you are in Test Mode in ChargeOver, the Test Payment Gateway is enabled and used as the default gateway automatically.

If you are using another payment gateway in Test Mode, you should contact the provider of your specific payment processors for test credit card numbers.


Most payment processors will use 4111 1111 1111 1111 as a valid test card number, so you can try that first if you want.

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Enter a Fake Payment Method

  1. You will need to create an invoice first in order to make a payment on it
  1. Once you have an invoice created, Click "Enter a payment" on the right side of the screen, under the invoice Overview tab

  1. Select either "Enter a new credit card" or "Enter new ACH/eCheck information"

  1. Copy and paste one of the payment method details below into the blank below credit card information or account number
  1. Make up the expiration date and PIN you need for the credit card or make up the bank and name of the account holder for the ACH and fill in the blanks for those

Credit Card Example

ACH/eCheck Example

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Pay The test card or test ACH account will then "process" the payment!

It should give you two messages

Test Card Numbers

Credit Cards That Succeed

VISA / 4111 1111 1111 1111
MasterCard / 5555 5555 5555 4444
American Express / 3782 8224 6310 005
Discover / 6011 1111 1111 1117

Credit Cards That Fail/Decline

Visa / 4116196783374209
MasterCard / 5116381817387388
American Express / 340682458348749
Discover / 6011191466819647
Visa / 4012888888881881   (This number works when initially authorized, but charges against it fail.)
Visa / 4622387091321605   (This number declines approximately 20% of the time, and succeeds the other 80% of the time.)
Visa / 4254495118555835   (This number declines approximately 40% of the time, and succeeds the other 60% of the time.)
Visa / 4000000000000010 (This credit card will be declined as if your payment gateway does not support the card type.)
Visa / 4000000000000028 (This card  will be declined as if the card is expired.)
Visa / 4000000000000036 (This card will be declined for insufficient funds.)
Visa / 4000000000000044 (This card will be declined as if it has been reported lost/stolen.)
 Visa / 4000000000000101 (This card will be declined for a daily withdrawal limit.)

ACH/eCheck Bank Accounts that Succeed

Routing Number: 072403004
Account Number: 856667

It does not matter which routing number you use for test ACH accounts, but it is best to use one from a real bank in order to ensure the number is in a valid format.

ACH/eCheck Bank Accounts that Fail/Decline

ACH/eCheck bank account number that is rejected immediately, at the time of the transaction: 856666
ACH bank account number that will be returned for insufficient funds (i.e. it will be returned after 2 days, and never indicate successful settlement): 856668
ACH bank account number that will be returned with a permanent failure (i.e. it will be returned after 2 days, never indicate successful settlement, and disallow future debits entirely for this bank account number): 856669
ACH bank account number that will initially settle successfully, but after 5 days be returned as if a customer disputed the transaction:856670