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Reset Passwords

Finding yourself locked out of your account is never fun. Here is how to reset your password to get back in.

Reset Admin Password

  1. Take your instance URL
  2. Copy and paste that into the search bar in your browser
  3. Add /admin/ to the end of it

  1. It will take you to your login page that looks something like this
  1. Click the highlighted "Forgot my Password?" link

Allow Contact to Reset Password

A user or contact always has the ability to reset the password themselves, directly from the login screen.

The user/contact should be directed to simply click the "Forgot password?" link. They will be prompted to enter their email address, and emailed a link they can use to reset their password.

Reset Contact's Password

You can also reset a password on behalf of a user. You can either

  1. Edit the contact by clicking the Edit Contact tab, and type in a new password for the contact


  1. Click the "Reset Password" link to send the contact a password reset link via email