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Payment Processor Error Codes

13000 Series Errors

These are generally things beyond your control (e.g. the payment declined due to insufficient funds).

ERR_GENERAL13000General/unspecified error
ERR_DECLINE13001General decline
ERR_FRAUDMERCHANT13002A merchant-defined fraud filter was triggered
ERR_FRAUDPROCESSOR13004A processor-defined fraud filter was triggered
ERR_HELD13006The Transaction was held for review
ERR_CREDITCARDNSF13007Credit card has insufficient funds/over limit
ERR_ACHNSF13008ACH/eCheck has insufficient funds in bank account
ERR_LOST13009Credit card has been reported lost/stolen
ERR_DEAD13010The card or account holder is deceased
ERR_CLOSED13011The account has been closed
ERR_FROZEN13012The account has been frozen
ERR_WITHDRAWAL13013Daily withdrawal amount exceeded for this debit/credit card
ERR_TEMPORARY13014Financial institution does not currently allow transactions for this account
ERR_AGREEMENT13015Not in accordance with pre-arranged ACH or EFT/PAD agreement
ERR_RETURN13016ODFI has requested RDFI to return this item, etc.
ERR_STOPPED13017Account holder has stopped payment on this single transaction
ERR_RECURRING13018Declined, stop all recurring payments
ERR_SERVICETYPE13019The line of business of the merchant you are paying is not accepted
ERR_RESTRICTED13020The credit card entered is currently restricted by PayPal.
ERR_UNAUTHORIZED13021Unauthorized debit; you need a new authorization number before re-submitting this
ERR_NONPARTICIPANT13022This bank does not participate in the ACH network, so you can't do this.
ERR_NOTALLOWED13023Debits are not allowed against this bank account

14000 Series Errors

Are generally correctable things that you or the purchaser did wrong.

ERR_CVV14005The CVV code was incorrect
ERR_NUMBER14006The card number is invalid
ERR_EXPIRATION14007The expiration date is invalid
ERR_EXPIRED14008The card has expired
ERR_DUPLICATE14009A duplicate transaction has been submitted
ERR_STATEPROVINCE14010The state/province provided was invalid
ERR_CITY14011The city provided was invalid
ERR_STREET14012The street address provided was invalid
ERR_ZIP14022AVS state/zip code check failed
ERR_PHONE14023AVS state/area code check failed
ERR_EMAIL14024AVS anonymous email check failed
ERR_AVS14025General AVS Failure
ERR_AMOUNT14014Invalid amount sent to the payment gateway
ERR_NAME14015Invalid name sent to the payment gateway
ERR_ACCOUNTING14016Invalid account number
ERR_ROUTING14017Invalid bank routing number
ERR_AVSANDCVV14018CVV code and AVS were incorrect
ERR_CARDTYPE14019This credit card type can not be
ERR_ACCOUNTTYPE14021This bank account type cannot be charged
ERR_MISSING14020Some piece of required data is missing
ERR_CURRENCY14026Currency not supported by gateway
ERR_UNVERIFIED14027This bank account has not been verified through the gateway
ERR_ACHDATE14028This credit card number is reserved and may not be used for payments
ERR_ACHUNSPECIFIED14030This ACH transaction could not be processed, for an unspecified reason
ERR_CALL14031This customer's bank needs further information to approve the transaction; customer should call the credit card issuer

15000 Series Errors

These errors are generally things that the gateway or ChargeOver, did wrong.

ERR_INTERNAL15000Internal gateway error
ERR_LIBRARY15001Internal/unexpected response from a gateway library
ERR_MALFORMED15002The payment gateway/processor returned a malformed response
ERR_UNEXPECTED15003The payment gateway/processor returned an unexpected response
ERR_MERCHANTSETUP15004The merchant was incorrectly set up at the processor
ERR_UNSUPPORTED15005The payment gateway does not support this operation
ERR_BACKEND15006The processing backend was unavailable/offline
ERR_UNACCEPTED15008The processing backend was unavailable/offline please try again
ERR_TIMEOUT15009Network timeout when trying to talk to the gateway
ERR_TOOMANYREQUESTS15010The gateway is overloaded and can't process this request

16000 Series Errors

These errors are generally things where the gateway doesn't agree with you on something (auth errors).

ERR_BADREQUEST16000General bad request response back from the gateway
ERR_CREDENTIALS16001Invalid credentials for the payment gateway
ERR_INVALIDARGUMENT16002Invalid argument sent to the payment gateway
ERR_MISSINGAUTH16003Authentication credentials for gateway are missing
ERR_MAXEXCEEDED16004The amount exceeded the maximum transaction value allowed by the gateway
ERR_MINEXCEEDED16005The amount was lower than the minimum transaction value allowed by the gateway
ERR_TYPE16006Invalid transaction type
ERR_INVALIDIP16007Invalid/unauthorized IP address
ERR_PERMREQUEST16008You don't have permission to make this request
ERR_PERMGETDETAILS16009You don't have permission to get details about this thing
ERR_NEEDSTOKEN16010The ACH must be tokenized