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LeadDyno can help you with operating an affiliate program and tracking where affiliate's leads are coming from. With LeadDyno you can recruit affiliates, pay them commissions, and help them to promote your product using marketing strategies such as one-click social sharing.

Before connecting LeadDyno, you need to install the LeadDyno tracking code on your own website. Refer to the instructions LeadDyno provides you to install the tracking code on your website.

Steps to Connect

To connect your ChargeOver account to LeadDyno, you will need your LeadDyno API Key. To find your API key, login to your LeadDyno account. Login to LeadDyno.

In LeadDyno

  1. Go to Settings in the side menu

  1. Find your Private Key

Once you have gotten your API key, login to ChargeOver to get your account connected to LeadDyno.

In ChargeOver

  1. Go to your Settings and select Integations then More Integrations from the left side menu
  1. Once you've searched for LeadDyno, select Get Started

  1. Enter in the your LeadDyno API Key

  1. Be sure to click Save Settings